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Baby Items & Furniture

Planning for your new arrival is one of the most exciting times for the whole family, however the the cost involved is overwhelming to say the least. They’re are so many new things to purchase and get ready for when the little bub arrives. First of all you’ve got the nursery to sort out which includes a whole host of items include the cot, mattress, baby monitor, fitted sheets and blankets. When you’re on the go you’re going to need an approved car seat and a buggy suitable for newborns, let’s not forget the beloved change bag including nappies, nappy cream, cotton wool and nappy sacks just to name a few of the essentials. Depending whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding you’ll need to make sure you are organized with everything you will need from breast pads to feeding bottles and formula. The cost to buy all of this initially seems exuberant, however MyDiscountDeals is here to save the day with the best deals and promo codes for you and your baby. We put all the market leading codes in one place so you can be sure you are getting the best deal!